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  -  72.7 MB  -  Freeware
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    Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Windows 11

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    Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. / AMD StoreMI

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AMD StoreMI is a free storage utility that can help Windows PC users of all knowledge levels to dramatically enhance the performance of their high-capacity hard drive storage by transforming one of their high-speed SSD or NVME drives into an advanced caching device that can dramatically speed up access times to the most often used files.

This highly useful app was built from the ground up by AMD corporation and is intended to be used with a wide selection of their Ryzen processors and compatible AM4 and Threadripper motherboards.

Utilizing the most advanced file transfer acceleration and data integrity algorithms, AMD StoreMI utility can dramatically optimize the performance of modern storage hardware, transforming PC configurations with ordinary and slow hard drives into fast and responsive gaming and productivity machines that can quickly adapt to any daily task.

The app storage acceleration can dramatically speed up daily use with Windows OS that was installed on a slow hard drive, make video game loading several times faster, and boost productivity for users who regularly manage a large number of smaller files. All of this is done with plug & play approach, without any proprietary hardware or complicated setup procedures.

AMD StoreMI can be easily deployed on a wide variety of modern AM4 motherboard PC desktop systems, with compatibility covering all series of Ryzen processors except the first Ryzen 1000 models and all series of Threadripper CPU products. However, motherboard compatibility covers only specific motherboard chipset products, so users are highly advised to check the official compatibility listing found on the official AMD StoreMI app web page on AMD.com. Users who have the latest AMD X570, PRO 565, B550, A520, 400 Series, X399, TRX40, or WRX80 motherboard can download the AMD StoreMI application for free.

  • Supports up to four StoreMI Cache Drives simultaneously - NEW!
  • SSD partition can be used as cache
  • Supports HDD/SSD combos of any capacity
  • Caching system mirrors your data to SSD for speedup
  • All-new UI makes setup, monitoring, reversal a snap
  • “Read only” algorithm enhances data integrity
  • Automatically prioritizes most-used data to the SSD cache
  • Ideal for accelerating apps and games on a large HDD

The process of getting AMD StoreMI up and running on compatible PC configuration is as simple as possible, enabling all users to quickly designate which of their fast SSD/NVME drives will be transformed into caching device, with the streamlined main dashboard promoting the quick discovery of monitoring reports.


  • Enhances performance of slow hard drives
  • Can speed up video game loading and productivity
  • Plug & play approach, no complicated setup
  • Can support up to four cache drives
  • Supports HDD/SSD combos of any capacity


  • Limited motherboard compatibility
  • Only compatible with certain Ryzen processors

Since the entire procedure of accelerating slow hard drives is performed “read-only” mode, no user data is ever put at risk, and the app even facilitates an easy reversal procedure where SSD/NVME accelerator drive can quickly be re-tasked for ordinary storage use.

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