Provides information on the status of the batteries installed in the notebook PC

HP Battery Check

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The HP Battery Check is an easy to use utility that is available on HP Notebook PCs that provides information on the status of the batteries installed in the notebook PC. It reports on the condition of both the primary and secondary battery if the individual notebook is equipped with a secondary battery.

To identify and solve your issue, run the Online Battery Check diagnostic tool.

On the Battery Check display panel, the information is organized into three indicator areas - Installed Batteries, Health, and Storage Capacity. These indicators update every five seconds. Messages displayed on the panel provide useful information about the battery status and any actions that need to be taken. For more information about the current battery status click the Help button.

HP Battery Check utility provides three indicators of the current battery status: Charge Remaining, Battery Health, and Storage Capacity.

Battery and Adapter Problems

Laptop batteries and adapters can encounter various malfunctions. The battery might cease to charge or fail to retain a charge, while the AC adaptor may stop functioning altogether. To identify and resolve your problem, you can perform the Battery Check diagnostic provided below. Alternatively, the automated Virtual Assistant can assist you in diagnosing battery issues, or you can explore the self-guided solutions available on this page.

Battery Check

The Online HP Battery Check offers a straightforward yet precise test for notebook batteries. It provides comprehensive details regarding the battery's condition and suggests any necessary maintenance actions.

The Charge Remaining indicator is the electrical charge remaining on the battery. This value is also indicated by the Power icon located in the Windows system tray. If more than one battery is installed in the notebook, the Total Battery Power Remaining is indicated on the Battery Check utility. This value is the summation of the remaining charge on all of the batteries installed in the notebook PC.

The Battery Health indicator provides the overall status of all of the battery cells built into your battery. A notebook battery has multiple cells. The Battery Health status is valid only when the notebook is plugged into the AC Adapter and only one battery is installed.

If the Battery Health status is "Replace", one or more of the cells can no longer accept a charge or the storage capacity is "Low" and the battery should be replaced. Instructions stating where to purchase a replacement battery or if the battery is covered by HP under warranty will display.

If the Battery Health status is "Invalid", either the AC adapter is not connected, more than one battery is installed or the battery is not installed correctly. Please follow the instructions in the Battery Check to correct the condition.

The Storage Capacity indicator provides the amount of storage capacity remaining in the battery. Over time, the storage capacity of a Lithium-Ion battery will decay. The rate of decay depends on the usage of the battery. Every time the battery is charged and discharged the battery storage capacity is lowered, and the useful discharge time will become shorter. Eventually, the battery will have to be replaced because the battery discharge time will be too short to be useful.


  • Accurate Battery Testing
  • Detailed Battery Information
  • Maintenance Recommendations
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Reliable Performance


  • Limited Compatibility
  • Requires Specific Software and Browser
  • Requires HP Support Assistant version 8.5 or later
  • Possible False Results

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