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Download Octoparse 8.6.5

  -  78.7 MB  -  Demo
  • Latest Version:

    Octoparse 8.6.5 LATEST

  • Requirements:

    Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 64

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  • Author / Product:

    Octopus Data Inc. / Octoparse

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  • Filename:

    Octoparse Setup 8.6.5.exe

Octoparse is a free client-side Windows Web Scraping Software that turns websites into structured tables of data without coding. It’s easy and free! Automatically Extract Web Data from Sites Within Minutes! Awesome Web Scraping Tool and Free Web Crawlers for PC!

The software simulates web browsing behavior such as opening a web page, logging into an account, entering a text, pointing-and-clicking the web element, etc. This tool allows you to easily get data by clicking the information in the built-in web browser. Export Data in Any Format You Like! Don’t waste your time copying and pasting. Download Octoparse for Windows today and collect web data. It’s easy and free!

Octoparse for PC supports Windows XP, 7, 8, and 10. It works well for both static and dynamic websites, including those web pages using Ajax. To export the data, there are various data formats of your choice like CSV, EXCEL, HTML, TXT, and databases (MySQL, SQL Server, and Oracle via API). It simulates human operation to interact with web pages.

Click any web data to extract - Octoparse for PC applies advanced machine learning algorithm to accurately locate the data at the moment you click on it. Open a website in the built-in browser and start a scraping task by clicking and dragging. Octoparse Web Scraping App handles all the messy work behind the screen for you.

Never be frightened by any complicated website. JavaScript, AJAX, or any dynamic website, it has you all covered. Easily scrape behind a login, fill in forms, input search terms, click-through infinitive scroll, switch dropdowns and so much more. Capture anything from webpages like text, link, image URL, or Html code...

No more worries about high-cost hardware maintenance or network interruption. Octoparse’s Cloud platform allows for 6 to 20 times faster data extraction, running the extraction task 24/7. Data is scraped and stored in the cloud and accessible from any machine. The app Cloud service is supported by hundreds of cloud servers, each with a unique IP address. When an extraction task is set to execute in the Cloud, requests are performed on the target website through various IPs, minimizing the chances of being traced and blocked.

Why Octoparse Is Your Best Choice:

Point and Click Interface
Select the data to be scraped with mouse clicks. No need to code. Use X path and Regular Expressions to collect the data with accuracy.

All Sorts of Data Loading
Scrape data from all sorts of data loading techniques such as AJAX, or JavaScript. Fully-fledged built-in browser to load data from different sources.

Cloud Service
Anonymously scrape data using the app. Support Proxy and API. Automatic IP rotation to prevent IP from being blocked.

Price Monitoring
Track and monitor prices. Extract data from your competitors. Scrape real-time data within several clicks.

Lead Generation
Easily extract massive leads and build your sales list within minutes. No need to code at all.

Use scraped web data to improve your marketing strategies. Make better predictions and decisions.

Extract online data to power your research or data models. Instantly get your research underway.

Note: You can have a maximum of 10 projects and cannot save them to the cloud in the demo version. Requires Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5.

Also Available: Download Octoparse for Mac

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