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UltraEdit (64-bit)

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    Windows Vista64 / Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 64 / Windows 11

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    IDM Computer Solutions, Inc / UltraEdit (64-bit)

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UltraEdit is a versatile and comprehensive software designed for text editing, code development, and file management. Developed by IDM Computer Solutions, Inc., it has been a trusted tool in the industry for over two decades. UltraEdit 2023 64bit provides a feature-rich environment for professionals and enthusiasts alike, enabling them to streamline their workflow and boost productivity.


Powerful Text Editing
It offers robust editing capabilities with syntax highlighting for various programming languages, code folding, and advanced search and replace options.

Multi-caret Editing
With the program, you can edit multiple locations in a file simultaneously using the unique multi-caret editing feature, saving you time and effort.

File Comparison and Merge
The software provides intuitive tools to compare and merge files, enabling you to identify differences and merge changes effortlessly.

Macros and Scripting
It allows you to automate repetitive tasks by creating macros and utilizing scripting languages like JavaScript and VBScript.

Integrated FTP/SFTP
You can directly edit files on remote servers using the built-in FTP/SFTP client, ensuring seamless file management and remote editing capabilities.

Code Debugging
It supports integrated debugging for various programming languages, allowing you to identify and fix issues within your code efficiently.

User Interface

It boasts a clean and intuitive user interface that strikes a balance between simplicity and functionality. The interface is highly customizable, allowing you to tailor it to your specific needs. The extensive toolbar, tabbed file editing, and easily accessible menu options contribute to a smooth and organized editing experience.

Installation and Setup

Installing UltraEdit is a straightforward process. You can download the software from the official website or FileCrews and follow the on-screen instructions. During installation, you have the option to customize settings such as file associations and desktop shortcuts. Once the installation is complete, you can launch the app and begin using it immediately.

How to Use

Opening and Creating Files: Simply navigate to the File menu and choose the desired action, whether it's opening an existing file or creating a new one.

Editing and Formatting: Use the various editing tools and formatting options available to modify and enhance your text or code.

Advanced Search and Replace: Utilize the advanced search and replace functionalities to quickly locate and modify specific content within your files.

Macro Recording and Playback: Record and execute macros to automate repetitive tasks, saving you time and effort.

FTP/SFTP Integration: Access remote servers, edit files, and seamlessly transfer data using the integrated FTP/SFTP client.

Other Features

  • Easily open and edit large files – 4 GB and beyond!
  • Multi-caret editing and multi-select
  • Column (block) mode editing
  • Powerful search: Find & replace in files, regular expressions, inverse search, etc.
  • File compare
  • Code syntax highlighting for nearly
any programming language
  • Code folding and hierarchical function listing
  • Beautify and reformat source code
  • Powerful XML handling: XML tree view, reformatting, validation, etc.
  • Auto-closing XML/HTML tags
  • Smart templates – automatic intelligent code completion
  • Editor themes – skin the entire app
  • Powerful and configurable tools
  • File and data sorting
  • Integrated FTP client (supports FTP, SFTP, and FTPS)
  • Integrated SSH/telnet client
  • Filtered spell checker
  • Unicode/UTF-8 support
  • Split/duplicate window editing
  • Hex editing
  • Macros and scripts for automated editing
  • CSV data reformatting
  • Log file polling
  • File encryption and decryption
  • Integrated Ctags (symbols listing)
  • Base64 encode/decode
  • Project support
  • Robust bookmarking
  • Hundreds more features listed here


Q: Is UltraEdit available for Mac operating systems?
A: Yes, the app is available for both Windows and macOS platforms.

Q: Can I use UltraEdit as a regular text editor without any programming knowledge?
A: Absolutely! The program is designed to cater to all users, including those who require a simple yet powerful text editor.

Q: Can I customize the interface to suit my preferences?
A: Yes, it offers extensive customization options, allowing you to personalize the interface according to your needs.

Q: Does UltraEdit support collaboration features?
A: It offers collaboration capabilities through its integrated version control system, allowing multiple users to work on the same project simultaneously.

Q: Is there a trial version available for UltraEdit?
A: Yes, IDM Computer Solutions provides a 30-day trial version, allowing users to experience the full functionality of UltraEdit before making a purchase decision.


While the app excels in its capabilities, there are alternative software applications worth considering.

Some notable alternatives to UltraEdit include Sublime Text, Notepad++ or Visual Studio Code.


It offers flexible pricing options tailored to different user needs. The software can be purchased as a perpetual license, which provides access to the software indefinitely, with free upgrades for one year. Alternatively, a subscription model is available, allowing users to pay on a monthly or annual basis.

SUBSCRIPTION PLAN - $79.95 per year

  • One year subscription
  • Automatic software updates
  • Includes Free UltraCompare Pro
  • World-class tech support
  • 5 unique installs (personal license)

UltraEdit All Access - $99.95 per year

  • One year subscription
  • Includes every tool under UltraEdit + UE/UC Portable
  • Automatic software updates
  • World-class tech support
  • 5 unique installs (personal license)

System Requirements

It supports Windows 7, 8, 10 or 11. A 64-bit operating system is recommended.


  • Robust and feature-rich editing environment.
  • Extensive customization options for a personalized experience.
  • Efficient multi-caret editing feature.
  • Integrated FTP/SFTP client for remote file management.
  • Regular updates and customer support.


  • Learning curve for beginners.
  • Pricing may be higher compared to some alternative options.
  • Limited collaborative editing capabilities.


It proves to be a powerful and versatile software, catering to the needs of professionals and enthusiasts in the field of text editing and code development. With its wide range of features, customizable interface, and seamless integration with various programming languages and remote servers, UltraEdit empowers users to enhance their productivity and streamline their workflows.

While it may require some initial learning, the benefits it offers make it a worthwhile investment for those seeking a comprehensive text editing solution.

Note: 30 days trial version and nag screen.

Also Available: UltraEdit (32-bit) and UltraEdit for Mac

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